Servicing Guidelines

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Transparency and Communication: Ensuring Quality Service at Europe Home Warranty

In order to provide the highest quality service to our home warranty customers, communication is crucial. Europehome Warranty customers must know exactly what warranty service work is being done to their covered major system or appliance. If the work hasn’t been completed, Europehome Warranty customers should be briefed as to when to expect completion. If the technician encounters a situation that requires additional parts, authorization, or additional installation assistance, an estimated completion date should be given to the customer. Constant contact and reliable customer service is the highest priority of Europehome Warranty.

When a home warranty policy holder calls our claims department, Europehome Warranty will dispatch a Service Work Order to a local, qualified service contractor in the customer’s area. This home warranty work order will be dispatched via e-mail, or by telephone. All Europehome Warranty vendors are required to execute and return the Europehome Warranty Vendor Agreement and meet all general liability insurance requirements before being added to our network of contractors.